Apple M1 Arm vCarve not working

FYI if you are running parallels and windows to get vCarve Pro it will not work with the new Apple Silicon based ARM chips. The only version of ARM I have found from microsoft is the new beta version 11 and it installed great but then I installed Vcarve pro and it installed great. But it will not open any files. Not one.

The vectric forums and vectric support might be a better place for this question.

Just a thought: on macOS, I find Fusion 360 offers a better workflow than most/all alternatives.
I understand that Fusion 360 targets a different market than vCarve so maybe the feature set is not geared towards your specific needs.

So far I find Fusion so hard to use vs vcarve. Plus I spent a lot of $$$. On vcarve. But I’m am trying it while keeping my old MacBook for now.

James - I’m curious if Wine would work (or crossover) vs a VM? And certainly this a parallels issue vs a Vectric issue per se. If Windows is properly working in the VM, Vectic should work properly.


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