Carveco Mac Version

Is there a MAC version of Carveco Maker+?

There is not. You can run it in parallels or bootcamp on a mac.

Has anyone here successfully used it in Bootcamp?

No problem running it on bootcamp on an x86 Mac. You can also run it with VMWare Fusion or Parallels on macOS. I started with bootcamp but didn’t like having to dual boot my machine (I wanted my normal email, browser, Messages, etc alive) so I went the VM route. At the time Parallels seemed to run it better than VMWare Fusion. VMware just came out with an update and I gave it a try last week. It’s much faster on the 3D stuff than Fusion but I had some graphic glitches that made it unusable. So I’m still on Parallels 17. The only 2 issues I have with it on Parallels is that the 3D stuff is passed off to MacOS and it is much slower than bootcamp. Really only matters when doing a Simulation and that’s something you do occasionally. The other issue, and this affects VCarve too, is that if the VM goes to sleep while you are running the software the 3D display comes up in just solid red. When that happens I find I need to quite the Maker or Vcarve software and re-run it.

I’ve got a few months left of my Maker+ subscription and I think I’m going to switch to Vcarve. been playing with it lately and the 11.5 version is really nice. They’ve made some big improvements since 11 with the 3D rendering, performance, etc.

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Thank you! That’s helpful info. I decided to dual boot for now and already see what you are saying about having to reboot way too much.

I decided it’s not worth the hassle. Bought a windows laptop and added it to my desk.

I can’t be bothered with Parallels, then running Windows 11 for ARM emulating x64 code with VCarve or Carveco. With a few registry mods I’ve enabled the GPU on my Windows gaming system to work with Remote Desktop. Performance using Microsoft’s RD client in MacOS on my M1 MacBook Air is pretty good with any 3D content, including games that are much more demanding than VCarve, Aspire or Carveco.

Next I’ll be looking at using NVIDIA’s Gamestream instead of Remote Desktop which is supposed to be even better (lower latency too).

If you have a decent Windows machine with a good discrete GPU, Remote Desktop will still blow away the performance of a cheap Windows notebook.

If I were in charge at Carveco or Vectric, I’d have already started on moving the entire codebase to a new framework that made it easy to deploy to different CPU and OS architectures. At the very least I hope they’ve already started to work on making sure they can build for ARM targets in Windows.

This problem years ago with ESRI software is why I eventually just bought a Windows PC. Dual boot, VMWare and Parallels are a pain in the butt and often introduce a bunch of performance or driver issues.