Applying state tax exempt status USA

I manage a non profit (501.c3) in New York state and need to apply my NYS tax exempt certificate (ST-119.1) to complete an order.
It’s a pretty web site but sales and/or billing contacts aren’t available as far as I can see. I was looking for company mailboxes to email my documentation. Does anyone know how to contact the company directly? I’m not sure how GST/HST works specifically in this case but New York State is pretty insistent on taxing internet purchases. In my contractor role I can eat the tax as part of the cost but its technically illegal for me to do so in the non profit role,
I’m pitching a development idea and want to go to proof of concept, Any help would be appreciated.
Thank You

Try the support page on the website, there are email and phone contact details
Onefinity support

My oversight. Thank you.

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I fell into a details rabbit hole and missed the obvious.