Appropriate acceleration and max velocity settings

I am not using the 1F controller. I was hoping someone could share the acceleration and max velocity settings (preferably metric) they are using and are finding acceptable for each axis. I currently have all axes working with my controller, but am wondering what you are finding or consider the upper limits to be for the motion hardware. I realize that these settings will be different to those used when machining material. I appreciate any information you can offer.

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May I ask what controller you’re using I am interested so that I can run my rotary

I have a Masso G3 controller, and am currently setting up my fifth 'A 'axis for for a tangential cutter I am designing. I had set up my axes based on information I had found in the forum, but thought I would ask again given that so many more 1F users are up and running. Also, it seemed like a good time to tweak my settings since I am doing so for my new rotary axis.

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@TMToronto I just created a forum account to follow your tangential knife updates. Have you seen the Stepcraft OTK-3? $499 isn’t crazy compared to other oscillating tangential knives, but I would need someone to confirm what controller it works with, and that the controller works with 1F before I pull the trigger on the machine. I know where I want to go, but not sure how to get there. I’m interested in how you’re getting along with that Masso G3. Thanks for sharing your experiences.

From what I have learned the 1F controller as is will not perform this function. I have a Masso G3 controller, and purchased the 5 axis version. I have been building my own electronics enclosure based on the Masso, and am nearly finished. I am currently designing and building my own tangential knife, with plans to create an oscillating knife in the future. I am 3D printing my parts, and sourcing other components from the Internet - bearings, timing belts and pulleys, steel rod, etc. I just finished making my cable for an encoder I bought, as I needed some way to zero the A (rotary) axis - and it works. The real challenge comes after the mechanics are complete, and that is software that will create the needed rotation/lift g code. Some software out there can do this (myCNC) - I am currently looking at Sheetcam which has a tangential knife option for Masso.

I have seen the Stepcraft, and it is definitely the only one I could afford compared to the others I have found in my research - most 3-4X the cost. I really enjoy making things, so I am doing my best to create my own for now, which also gives me time to see how any software I find works. I was planning to share my progress, but have a 14 hour print of the main knife body to finish tomorrow, then I can assemble my first prototype to see how it works. If interested, searching ‘Masso’ in the forum should bring up some of my initial controller build posts.

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@TMToronto what did you end up doing for your max velocity? I’m using the 1F controller and XY are at 10m/min, Z is at 3m/min. I’d love to step the Z up but am not sure if it is a good idea? With the weight of the router might start having some problems I’m thinking? I’ve been doing some domed 3D work and the max on Z is limiting me to 3000mm/min been on big stretches because the Z is always moving.

I appreciate your reply and information. Right now my machine is offline as I am rebuilding my controller enclosure - I finally decided on a component layout I am happy with, so now I am cutting and placing the cable finger tracks. If I remember to when I posted the question, I believe I found some numbers in other’s posts, and used the metric equivalents. I have kept speeds conservative, as I am still setting up/finetuning/experimenting with things like tool setter, park location, etc… When I have it all together, and in its final location, I will see what speeds work best. Thank you again for response.