Is a tangential oscillation knife possible with Elite forman?

Have a Elite Foreman on order, found a product that would work best with a oscillating knife and see some folks have poked at the idea of adding a tangential oscillating knife. It seems that the masso has a 5th axis to control the knife, and masso seems to support it. Is anyone more current on the possibilities than the dec/2020 threads? Im not averse to doing the hardware just wanted to make sure that the base configuration could handle it electrically/programatically.

I designed a built a tangential knife a long time ago to use with my Onefinity and Masso. The only software that had a PP that generated the code for controlling the A axis was SheetCam. It worked in my testing. I do not know of any other software providers that have this. Vectric has a gadget, but I believe it is for a drag knife, not control of a tangential knife/4th axis.

I have plans to build an oscillating version, so I too will need to find a CAM software that can do this - for now I think it is SheetCam.

Have you chosen a knife yet?

Still trying to find what options are available in hardware. Only found 2 viable candidates. I’m2 months minimum till the machine is here so I have time.

Being unsure of available and tested software options, besides SheetCam, is what kept me from pursuing the purchase of an oscillating tangential knife early on - those I liked unfortunately were not inexpensive.