Armana bits with Spektra coating or not?

Looking to invest in some nice bits and Armana sells several bit packs. Some of the bits include the Spektra coating, others do not. Is there a need to go with the Spektra, and if so what is the advantage? The claim seems to be longer lasting which is nice, but how much longer? Some of the bit kits I was looking at do not offer the Spektra coating, so in that case is it better to invest in bits 1 by 1 ?

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Had my AMS-177 K set for over a year now, use the 1/4 end mill most days to cut Oak and sometimes MDF.

Apart from a facing cutter and some 1mm cutters I’ve never needed anything else, would love to get one of the bigger amana facing cutters, but just can’t justify the cost, keep looking for someone who’s selling one second hand


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I have some with and without Spektra coating. I can’t tell the difference, but I only use the CNC a few hours per day on average (day job is non-CNC). For the same reason, not being able to tell the difference, I’ve started going with bits from some of the folks that frequent the Facebook group for Onefinity, such as SkyOne CNC and Cody’s Cadence Manufacturing. Also, someone on the FB group earlier today posted a bit that looked very similar to my Amana RC-2248 that sells for $36.77. The manufacturer was Binstak. I’m finding it difficult to justify paying 4x for Amana.

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Hey Josh,

If you’re new to CNC, I would suggest that you consider purchasing cheaper bits to start. SPE bits are much cheaper but still OK quality. There’s a good chance you’ll make mistakes early on that will break or wear out the bits way faster than normal.

If you’re not new to CNC, and purely curious about the spectra thing, my opinion is that it is well worth it for bits that you will be using a lot. I run a quarter inch EM and a 90 degree V many hours each week, on average. The spectra stay sharp longer. You can often tell the difference by running a brand new bit on simple cut, then repeating the cut with an older, more dull bit. The dull bit will make a lot more noise (as well as a poorer cut quality) than the new bit.

Most everything that Amana makes is pretty dang good. For my workhorse bits, I go spectra.


yeah SpeTool 1/4" 2 flute bits are very nice. 5 for $40. I’m still on my first one or two, couple months of cutting, no issues, does not appear dull at all.

If you are inexperienced, do not make my mistake of buying the cheap 4 flute 1/4" bits…these burn out in wood and particularly in MDF.

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