My bits - putting Amana to the test

Yay, they’re here!

After researching which bits to get, I decided to go for Amana. Why? Well, I learned my lesson by going cheap first, ruin your project due to inferior quality tools, go to the shop to buy the proper tools, and replacement material for your project. In the end it is just cheaper - and more reassuring, to me at least - to buy and work with high quality tools.

All of them have a 1/4" shank, which means I won’t have to fidget with changing collets.

Here we go:

RC-2248* 1 1/2" Dia surface planer with replaceable blades

RC-1146 V-groove, 120 degrees, replaceable blade
RC-1142* V-groove, 90 degrees, replaceable blade
RC-1148* V-groove, 60 degrees, replaceable blade
RC-1145* V-groove, 45 degrees, replaceable blade

46170-K* 1/4" compression

46202-K* 1/4" spiral plunge
46200-K 1/8"spiral plunge
46403-K 1/16" spiral plunge

46294-K 1/4" Dia ballnose
46286-K 1/8" Dia ballnose
46285-K* 1/16" Dia ballnose

45632-K 45 degree engraving
45771-K* 30 degree engraving
45611-K 15 degree engraving

51470-Z 1/16" up-cut ZrN coated O-flute aluminum
45613 45 degree ZrN coated engraving

*This is a set of 8 bits, AMS-179, which I can highly recommend for those of you who are looking for a good starter kit for making signs, boards, etc. I then decided to add some more bits to complete the line-up of different diameters.

All bits that end with ‘K’ are Spektra-coated, which prolongs their lifetime up to 2.5x, according to Amana.

First impressions

So, I just opened the parcel and unpacked the bits. Firstly, packaging looks sturdy. No damage to the parcel. No damage its contents either.

The set AMS-179 comes in a nice wooden box with clear plexiglass window. The two V-groove bits are packed in individual boxes. The other bits are packed in the typical plastic containers.

The slightly round-over top of the shaft makes it easy to insert into the 1/4" collet. The |< icon shows how deep you should insert each bit. Another really nice feature is that Amana Tool provides its entire bit collection as tool database for both Fusion360 and Vectric (Aspire, Vcarve, Cut2D, cut3D, PhotoVCarve).

These V-groove bits have the advantage that the blades can be replaced. Especially when you’re tooling MDF, which is pretty tough on your bits, it is nice to replace the blade alone, which costs less than half of its counterpart bit without replaceable blades. Even if mid-run, you needn’t even take out the bit to replace the blade.

Over the next months, I’ll use these bits to see how well they perform on different projects. If there’s any interest, I can post my results here? Is there something specific you’d like to see for these bits?

Cheers from Germany,

PS Let me know if you’re based in Europe and consider buying Amana bits.


@Dennis not quit in europe!! but based in UK :grin:
I’m trying to source some Amana bits, did you get these shipped from the states?

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I am looking forward to your review of these bits.

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I‘m from Switzerland and bought the AMS-179 as well :blush:

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Haha, UK is no longer EU, but still Europe, I hope. :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s Stepcraft in Germany, that offers Amana bits in metric sizes. Not as big a selection as US-based Toolstoday, but it could save you some shipping costs. And I’m pretty sure that there will be more Amana dealers in Europe in the time to come. When I come across one, I’ll note it here.

A few months have pasted. I am getting ready to purchase my bits. I was wondering if you are still very happy with your choice. Give it to us straight😀
Thank you for your post ,maybe you could tell about the type of work you do and give a list of any bits not used yet.

Hi Dave,

Due to a rather sudden move into a new house, I had to dissemble the workshop, move, and… Well, you know how moves can go. I got the full program… :’) Meaning that I haven’t had time to use the bits yet. :frowning: But I will change that within the month of May. After all, a new house gives so many opportunities to use the CNC machine!

BUT! There’s good news too. A little bird told me that several established shops in European countries are about to offer Amana bits in the near future. As soon as I notice that their new product pages are online, I’ll post the links here.

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Dennis ,
Thank you for taking the time to reply. Moving is exciting and exasperating. I wish you the best!

Hi Dennis,
thanks for sharing your experience with the community. Have you tried the bits yet? Ps : what part of Germany are you from? I live near Hamburg.

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Hi All,

I’m looking at going with the Amana tools as well, I see that they are available on Amazon

Hi All

I just taken delivery of the Amana AMS-177-K Set and have downloaded the tool file for Vcarve Pro,

Can anyone confirm if the cutting data in the Amana tool file is material specific , or do you have to amend it Vcarve

Thanks in advance


I posted this on facebook a few weeks ago but this is the same amana set I have been using daily for the last 8 months. They still look new and cut just a clean as when I got them. Well worth the money imo.
The tool files only provide starting reference points and are in no way set up by default. These are not the settings you want to use when cutting with your machine. You must enter your own specs using a feed calculator for the type of material that you want to cut.

Some of them appear to be Spectra-Coated. Any difference in performance between those and any that you have that are uncoated?


The non coated ones do not cut as clean as the Amana coated bits. The coated bits give a much better finish.

J dog where can I find this feed rate calculator you referenced. I use several different materials.
Thank you for your help
I use this one its web based

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