Carveco AMANA tool database


Over the past few weeks we have been working to put together an Aman Tooldatabase. This will go into the next update of the Carveco products, but for now I have attached it here.

To use it, you will firstly need to unzip it so it shows the .TDB file.
To install it you just need to open the tool database in the software and select import, and your tools will be added in.

If you see any tools that are missing that anyone would like in the library let us know and we can add them in updates.

Also like many other bits of software we tend to air on the side of safety, so speeds, feeds, stepovers and step downs are cautious. We always recommend taking things slow until you get use to tools, material and the machine.


Carveco AMANA (11.6 KB)


Hi Rob - I started using Carveco Maker yesterday for the first time and installed the Amana database. I couldn’t find the 45771-K 30 degree bit in the library. I probably just overlooked it, but if not, I’d like to see it added to the list.

Hi Eric,

You are totally correct, that one is missing, Ill get this one added to the software for an upcoming update. If you spot anymore you commonly use, let me know and Ill get the added.



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Could not find 46280, -K or 48282, -K.

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I might just be blind but I can’t seem to find the 48282-K in the current database either.
It’s not a bit I’ve used yet, but it’s packaged with one of the more popular ‘starter sets’ from Amana. Was just fleshing out my custom library so I didn’t have to scroll through the big lists, but I didn’t see it there.

A few of the tools may not be in our tool list, we will add these tools to the list for an upcoming release, apologies for that, we try to check on the tool manufacturers databases when we can.

I can also create a small video to show you how to create your own tools based upon the Amana database, incase you find any others you need.


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Also did not find the 46280-K. Thanks!


I would love a video on how to add my own tools from the Amana Tools database. Evidently, I am stumped at how to add them individually. Specifically, right now the 46282-K. Would you put it in as a ballnose or would you put it in as a Vbit?

Ho Rob,

Please add 46280-K too.


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Is there a new/updated file for download includding the 46280-K?

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When is the next Amana tool database update going to happen? It seems it’s been 3 years since the last one that was posted here. I’m not trying to be a jerk … genuine question. Am I missing something? Because I’d like an updated Amana tool library as well. It shouldn’t be so hard for us to use these bits correctly via Carveco. Many thanks


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Hi and apologies for the delay, Im not getting on here as much as I’d liked. Unlike the other tool suppliers libraries who are updating the libraries themselves as the have new tools, we are having to do the Amana tools as they are requested at Carveco. If you are missing any please message and they can get created.


Where can I find the file with 45771-K, I tried here:

also tried the file in your first post:

it wasnt in either, where can I find the most updated file?
Also I would be great to have a search feature in the “Tool Database” form. It helps to quickly see if things are there or not instead of opening each one and relying on your eye not to miss it, just a suggestion.