Attaching QCW frame to a table top

Looking for ideas on how to attach a QCW frame (X-50/secure from above version) to a table top. I haven’t received mine yet, but am thinking I can run a bolt up through the plywood table top into the threaded hole where the any surface leveling bolt would normally go. Just curious if anyone who has received their QCW has figured out another way? Thanks for the help!

I had a QCW on order for my Journeyman, grew weary of the wait, and finally canceled it so I could move forward with the install.

I had planned on securing it to a composite table I had built. I was going to use some aluminum angle to make angle brackets. The QCW has through bolts in the corner fittings that the tubing connects to that can be used for attaching the brackets to the frame at the corners.

Alphonse, thanks for the response. Good idea. I wonder if the through bolts are long enough to engage the angle brackets or if I would need to find longer replacements?

The table I’m building will be wall-mounted and will slide into a vertical position when not in use. I want to make sure the Woodworker/QCW is securely attached to the table to handle the loads when in the vertical position.

I had planned on buying longer bolts when I got the machine. I doubted the length was going to be generous enough to do what I was planning.

Received my Woodworker QCW (secure from above) today. For anyone looking to attach it to a table top the hole in the corner fittings the any surface leveling bolt fits into is NOT threaded as I had assumed. You can still run a bolt up through the table top into the corner fitting, but you will have to remove the corner fitting end cap and use a washer and nut to hold things down. If you want to attach angle brackets to the corner fittings you will definitely have to replace the existing through bolts as they are just long enough for the stock configuration.