QCW secure from above come with bolts for wasteboard?

Does the QCW secure from above come with bolts for bolting the wasteboard onto the PEM nuts? If not, what size are they?

Yes. (Mostly, I was missing 3 washers and had 1 extra bolt.) The allen head socket for the wasteboard ones are a 1/8" and not the 3mm I expected (since it’s Canadian and they use that other measurement system). My 3mm allen key fit just a bit loose (enough that if you overtorque the bolt you’ll mess up the socket) but a 1/8" fit snugly with no play at all.

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Jim - did they add holes to secure the QCW? My review unit didn’t have anything for the frame.


No. They have a hole under the corner blocks where some kind of threaded insert goes when you pair it with their leveling feet. There is no built in provision to affix it to a table.

You could add threaded inserts or revnuts and bolt it into the table from below. Or what I did was drill a 1/2" hole into the top of those corner blocks so I could insert a screw with a hex head and then used a socket on an extension to screw it into the table.

I started with a 1/8" bit and stepped it up to 1/2".

Hey Pete… Yes, both the “Secure from Above” and “Secure from Below” come with the necessary hardware to mount the wasteboard. Hope this helps…