AutoCAD to Fusion 360

I am used to modeling in AutoCAD but am pretty terrible at Fusion 360. Would I loose any functionality if I modeled everything in AutoCAD and just used Fusion 360 for applying toolpaths and communicating with the Onefinity CNC? Not sure if there is an easier option for me software wise or if it would just be best for me to learn how to model in Fusion 360 since I have access to it.

I can’t speak to any loss of functionality with regards to what you use to generate the G-code, but I use AutoCAD and Draftsight 2D cad to draw virtually everything I run on my machine.

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Hi Bill, what do you use to generate the g-code?

I use Estlcam. Very user friendly program, easy to work with.

Fusion 360 has bit of learning curve but I would stick with it. I self taught myself Solidworks and then moved into Fusion. There are some great tutorials out there, many free ones on Youtube. Also the guys over at I like to make stuff put out one. That I want to take. Fusion 360 for Makers (

I used Autocad for about 10 years doing BIM modeling. I unless there have been major changes in the last 5 years I would not recommend.

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Thanks John, I appreciate the info. I’ll have to check out

This guy is my favorite right now. The projects are oftentimes something sort of theoretical but he really uses the tools efficiently and he helps a lot with getting the workflow and architecture kind of smooth.

I’m going to be making guitars but I’ve focused lately on doing some challenging exercises from guys like him because it’s teaching me how Fusion works.

That said, if you really want to understand fusion, modeling guitars really pushes its limits, and this guy is figuring out how to use it really well. I’ve learned so much from him.

He has a few basic videos which are super helpful. There’s a user parameter video and a intro to CAM video and they are really great.

Learning to use user parameters is mind blowing and really makes Fusion great. I’m trying to use as few set dimensions as possible in my models and gaining a ton of flexibility. I learned all that from Austin.


Totally agree, but we tend to want it now. Patience isn’t easy, totally agree and yes utilize those youtubers and this board. So many folk are ready willing and able to help.