Automatic Router On/Off

I am trying to activate the router motor using the break-out board and the IOTRELAY. The BOB and IOTRELAY seem to work great and activate the IOTRELAY when M7 or M8 is input thru MDI and M9 to shut off. But when running a file on the 1F CNC, there is no command to the break-out board for pin 1 or 2 to turn anything on or off. I have tried all combinations on the I/O tab but no go. Do I have to edit all my G code to add M7,8 and 9? I’m thinking I missed a setting elsewhere. Help!


Yes you have to add a M3 to the beginning of every file (depending on what software you are using) and an M5 as the last line to shut it down.

Lots of great info here: Tool Enable - M15 - & Breakout board



Can’t we enter that one time under Settings then the Program Start and Program End G-Code areas? I haven’t set mine up yet but have the parts ready. All the fun gets in the way :slight_smile:

yes you can enter them there

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Hi Charlie
I am using the Iotrelay and my 1F turn it on at the begining of the cut and of at the end , have a look at this video from Jason Stewart I used is thecnic

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Thanks Yvon - I ended up doing basically the same thing before I got your message except I used a relay board driving the IOTRELAY box driven by pin 15 of the break-out board. Works great. I contacted support to get some info on the 'LOAD 1 & 2 ’ terminations but the first guy didn’t know so I contacted another - waiting for an answer. Charlie

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I don’t know anything about the program-start / tool-change / program-end control panel edits. Is this something that would allow the Onefinity to prompt tool changes when running the Advanced V-Carve function from Carbide Create (which, by default, doesn’t run correctly/fully on the Onefinity). Something like this may provide the opportunity to (EASILY) create flat-bottom v-carve engravings if it works like I’m hoping it will…?

Eric - We’re just discussing the ability of the machine to automatically start the router/spindle when running the machine. Using the break-out board you have access to various inputs/outputs of the controller which allow it to interface with the outside world (starting dust collectors, lighting, etc) - Charlie

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I’m just looking at the same subject and have ordered the BOB off Amazon, but cant get the IOT relay that is shown in Jason’s video here in the UK.

but I’ve found this
unit and as I’m completely useless with electronics and although I’m fairly confident it will work can someone explain exactly what connections I would need to make between the BOB and Relay

Many Thanks in advance.