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Hello, My machine is still on build 1.0.8. Should I go to 1.0.9 and stop or what version is the best with features and least bugs. I will also be automating router on and off after also loose a finger last Saturday 8.26.23 with a 1in surfacing bit. Follow up with plastic surgeon on the 5th of Sept. Thought it was stopped and wasn’t.

Hey Randall,

Version 1.0.9 is fine, and very stable, many people still use it.


In my spindle manual it says that the machine in which it is used shall have an enclosure as chips and debris of broken bits can be dangereous when flying around. In the industry, such enclosures have a sensor that is connected to the safety circuit and that realizes when someone opens the door of the enclosure which then signals the CNC controller to pause the program and stop all motors.

– Source: Omron G9SE Safety Relay

Unfortunately, “pause” is no available hardware input on the buildbotics-derived Original Series Onefinity Controller, it has only “estop” as input, which makes you loose your positions and program state :frowning:.

Regarding automation of the router, the thread is this one:

The topic title is misleading, it is pin 15 (“tool-enable”) on 25-pin I/O port and the command to stop the milling motor is M5.

In case you retrofit this router relay, you might be interested in using my optimized tool change routine. See also How to install the new ‘tool-change’ routine on your machine.

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Ok. I got my fineal part in and got the router setup and it turns on after you hit continue when it says …continue after spindle is up to speed. Thats fine. And it cuts off fine.
However during my carves the Y moves up and down alot on this file and each time the router is cutting on and off every time. Anyone have any ideas? Some setting i miss?


Hey Randall,

this sounds like the “rapid-auto-off” could be enabled on the TOOL page. This is only useful for lasers. It makes that it switches the milling motor off on G0 (=rapid) moves. You could try to disable this setting.

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I was wonder in that was it. I was just trying to find out ehat that and the other options there did. It is checked. I’ll checknit and see if that corrects the issue. Much appreciated for the quick affiramation.

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