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Hi all, I am currently still running on version 1.0.9. I haven’t updated because of the issues I’ve been hearing about. This version works perfectly and am just wondering if it will cause any problems for me in the foreseeable future

It should work perfectly fine with the exception of any improvements (or possible flaws) newer versions offer. Unlike computer or phone firmware/software there is no obsolete function that I can think of that affects third party software compatibility.


Thank you for your quick reply :+1::+1:

Does anyone know if it is worth going from version 1.09 to the newest version? Is there a list somewhere that shows the improvements/fixes So I can see myself if it is worth it?

They improvements for all firmware updates are listing the in firmware section of this forum or GitHub.

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Thank you. I must have missed it. In your opinion do you think it is worth upgrading from 1.09 to the newest? I am not a production shop and this version has been working fine for me.

We always think firmware upgrades are worth it. It’s why we put them out. However, you never need to update.

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Yes I just read the differences and since I don’t have a spindle I don’t think I’ll upgrade. I really can’t see any other things it fixed from version 1.09? Are you guys planning on updating the buildbotics controller at all? I like it but I wish it was a little faster responding. It would be nice to see a refresh of the controller

Hey JFab,

the newer releases (and all old) can be seen and downloaded here:

Onefinity-firmware → Releases

They are mainly being able to select Daniel’s PwnCNC VFD in the VFD list, or the Foreman Pro for the new workarea size, or the new settings for the new Z-20 Z assembly (but these settings can also be entered manually on version 1.0.9).

Thanks! Definitely not worth doing then for me…