Axis moving wrong direction

I changed out my x axis ball screw and now my router direction is switching. I move the router to the right and it goes right then I move it left and it still goes right. Not sure what I am missing.

Is that using the game pad?

I’d look at the wire connections/plugs too.

That is with game pad and with mouse on tablet.

I do not have the 1F controller, but from my experience it sounds like it could be an issue with the DIR signal being disconnected/loose from controller to the driver/motor - although with the 1F this seems unlikely to have resulted from changing out the ball screw. On some machines it can also be the result of improper max/min travel limits, but again I am not sure how this works on the 1F, nor if your modification would have caused this configuration change. Did you change/disconnect any motor wiring on this axis by chance? If so it may be a loose connection as @GregT mentioned.

As an aside, does it behave the same when using the MDI command line to jog left and right?