Ball nut cleaning

I was doing regular maintenance on my x50 and thought i’d check the ball nuts to see if they needed a cleaning as i haven’t been in there before (fairly new machine though). The machine is not locked up or having any issues, really just wanted to clean as a precautionary measure.

Anyway, i watched a couple of youtube videos which make it look very easy. I started with the Y axis and when i remove the bolts on the brass plate and move the X axis the brass plate and ball nut on the Y axis ball screw does not separate like in the instructional videos. What’s the secret to getting the ball nut to separate from the gantry so it can be cleaned?

Here are the videos i was watching…

Once you remove the two bolts, you should be able to slide the axis back leaving the ball nut behind… obviously if you haven’t removed the X axis, losen both sides before moving the axis back.

thanks. i removed both bolts as well as the oil fill bolt and pulled the X axis back, but it didn’t leave the ball nut behind. the ball nut remained stuck to the gantry. i didn’t want to force anything before asking here first. it seems to easily separate in the two videos above, but for me it didn’t. i tried both Y axis’ with the same result.

Hey pwsusi,

this reminds me of this

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