Baltic birch plywood on the global market probably of sanctioned Russian origin

Sanctioned Russian baltic birch plywood enters the world market via China

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just came a TV documentary about a journalistic investigative research.

Before Russia’s war against Ukraine, most “Baltic” birch plywood came from Russia. Since then it has been subject to sanctions and imports have come to a standstill. Journalists point out here that at the same time birch plywood from China is skyrocketing in price and export volume. However, not enough birch trees grow in China to account for the export volume of it. During undercover investigations, the journalists reveal that they asked several Chinese timber traders about Russian birch plywood and the traders not only stated that it was no problem for them to supply Russian birch plywood, but also readily agreed to relabel the wood so that customs would not find out about its origin.

Ineffective sanctions

Business with Russian wood

In addition to oil and gas, until the Ukraine war it was primarily wood that Russia used to generate high revenues from the export of raw materials. But sanctions were supposed to dry up this source. As a result, wood imports from Russia to Europe have collapsed. At the same time, however, wood imports from China shot up - also because sanctions are apparently being circumvented in this way.

— Source: :film_strip: :tv: ZDF - Frontal vom 14.03.2023 (:de:)

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4x8 sheets are up to $280 at my local hardwood dealer.


in southeast NC. maple sanded plywood in 4x8 is about 75 dollars

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3/4 x 4 x 8 Baltic Birch Plywood 151.00 usd.

(Actual Size .689" x 48" x 95-7/8")

Model Number: 1253102 Menards ® SKU: 1253102

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however price always also depends on quality grades, so I would always specifiy it with a price. Otherwise you compare different things.

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Wow that’s like twice the price i see in SE AZ