Basic starting point for post processors?

Okay, so far, I am using Vcarve, but I really like DeskProto for some things. There is no buildbotics or grbl pp, what would be a good starting point to use as a template for doing one? There are Linux PPs; would that be a good start? Is there a 1F reference anywhere to help?


Hi Mark - all you really need to worry about are gcode commands the Buildbotics controller doesn’t support that the PP might throw out. For grbl, most importantly that includes arcs (can’t remember the specific command) and a couple much less frequently used items. The list of supported gcode commands is available on the Camotics website - I assume the support for OF and Buildbotics are identical?


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Thanks for that. Sounds like just a matter of comparison then. Surely there are other machines with similar truncated cammand lists and then I’m sure I can figure out the editing of the header and trailer.