Best bit for detailed cuts

I’m constantly asked if I can make cutouts with details that a laser cutter/engraver can do. Is there a bit (1/16th” size) that is sturdy & long enough to cut details through 1/2” thick material?

The 1/8” bit gets close, but not close enough. V bits are great for carves, but not for profile cuts.

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I use a 1.5mm, 1mm ans sometimes 0.8mm cutters for very fine work

just need to be patient and take it slow


Would love to see pictures of some of this detailed work - sounds amazing.


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Thank you - they look great.

Thank you for this! Where do you buy these bits & what feeds/speeds do you use?

I’m in the uk and get a pack of 5 for approx $25.

I cant remember the feeds but I run the spindle at 18000 and take approx 1xdia depth of cut and haven’t broken one yet

Hope that helps