Best desktop or laptop to purchase to run carveco?

Hello all new to the CnC world. I am planning to use Carveco. What is the best/most affordable Laptop or desktop to buy to run Carveco?

It’s really not demanding. Just about any Windows machine should work that meets their recommendations. Get a good mouse and monitor though. Those are important.

thanks! I did see they said GPU with at least 512 cores. Do you know what that translates to in a graphic processor?

I think that can be a very complex question given how many graphics processors there are out there with many generations of them. I’m afraid you’ll have to find a machine you like and find out what it has. I think 512 cores is pretty low end though and even embedded GPUs may work fine. My experience was mainly based on running it on Windows in a X86 VM running on an iMac Pro (2017, Radeon Vega 64 GPU). I think it was actually running with software graphics emulation and it ran fine. I also tried it on native windows on using Apple’s bootcamp on a 10+ year old Mac laptop and it ran fine.