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Can anybody suggest a laptop? I know this is a vague question. I am currently using a MacBook and will continue to use it. I “THINK” I would like to get the VCarve Pro software for my not yet shipped 15898 X50 woodworker. When it comes to computers I am clueless. I don’t see me using the new laptop for too much more than VCarve and running the GCodes. I am sure I will on occasion surf the web or look at Youtube, but that’s probably about all. I will be taking the laptop to work as I drive a truck and get my share of downtime. With that said I am not looking to spend $2,000 for an amazing computer to take to work, nor do I want something that will be slow, low on memory, or have dependability issues. Any thoughts and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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I don’t see it available anymore. Bought this last year for $361, the specs won’t wow anyone but runs Vcarve and 3d printer software without any hiccups.

Pete - what’s wrong with using the MacBook? Just get VirtualBox or Parallels to run Windows. Or CrossOver (e.g, Wine).

If you want a Windows laptop the definitely recommend getting far more than 4GB of memory - you will need at least 8GB - Windows alone takes around 4.


Thanks for the response Tom. I have heard of these methods but have no clue where to even begin. For this reason I figured I would be best off just getting a dedicated PC.

I bought a used gaming laptop (6 months old) for $400. It has a super fast CPU and a Nivida graphics card. Had I known I wouldn’t have gotten a gaming laptop. It’s much more complicated than is needed. The backlit keyboard wouldn’t work until I reinstalled HP gaming software and it has two loud fans that run all the time, even when just charging the battery. Also it’s very heavy since the case is aluminum, not plastic. It’s nice having a super fast CPU and GPU but I think it’s overkill.

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