Best price for blue painters tape & super glue

Ok folks where do you get your painters tape and CA glue and activator. best prices?

Had pretty good luck with this:

Adhesive Guru CA Glue with Activator Woodworking (4 x 3.5 oz - 4 x 13.5 fl oz) Ca Glue for Woodworking, Cyanoacrylate Glue and Activator (4 Pack): Industrial & Scientific

I buy those tiny tubes at harbor freight. $3 for 10 0.1 oz tubes. Sometimes they go cheaper. I dont use activator normally.

My main reason for the tiny tubes is theyre one and done, whereas i invariably seem to end up with a clog when I use larger bottles before i run out…

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I’ve been buying these from Amazon… curious to see where I could save a little too!


If your using it to hold work down… I use “Instant Bond” from Home Depot and the painters tape from the Dollar Store. Best I have found here in Canada.
Have not had any problems (yet).
Just a note if you are doing smaller items with this method I find it gets a better bond without using the activator. takes a little bit longer, but I wait about 1/2 hr to be certain, and then cut.
I tried masking tape too and found it can leave gooey residue.

Starbond comes in a giant bottle. Store the big bottle in the freezer and it lasts forever.

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I used star bond and painters tape but today I installed these screw clamps. Just used the CNC to cut a bunch of .80 holes and plug this in where ever it makes sense. Super glue is too expensive to keep using like I was. Bought 2 pairs. I’d say 3 if you are doing large pieces. Very happy with them.

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