Bit set for Elite Foreman

Hey guys getting down to the last few items. I saved bits for last for some reason.
I just need to order bits now. The machine will be here “God willing” Monday.
If you guys could point me to what I need. Not sure what set to get or how many different sets.
My first projects will be clocks and cutting boards.

Scott in hot Texas.

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You’re gonna want endmills and vbits more than likely
Up and downcut, 15° maybe 30°, and 90 degree vbits

Instead of dumping serious money into finding what you need, visit drillman1 on ebay.

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@scott312 Here is a thread on starter bits.

A general recommendation is there is no need to go all in on buying every bit you think you might need. Start with a small number of go to bits:
1/4” up cut
1/8” up cut
90° V bit.

Depending on the projects you plan to do, add those specific bits.
Engraving or inlays? Add a 15° *
Plywood? Down cut or Compression bit.
3D? Small** ball nose bit

Stay away from sets since most will go unused…unless the are super cheap. Then you can figure out which you really use. Then buy high quality ones of what you find useful in the set.

Buy quality bits. A $5 dollar savings is not really a big savings. But a 5 pack of HSS at half the price of a quality carbide could be a good deal since early on you May break more bits than you wear out.

  • I use a 15° V but any small angle bit is useful for engraving and inlays. I haven’t used my 60° much. The 90° is good for lots of stuff like chamfers, corners on boxes, etc but has not been useful of engraving and a nonstarter for inlays.

** Small is relative. I have and use both a 1/16” and .25mm radius bits. But I wouldn’t consider the 1/16” R small.

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Possibly a flattening bit also.

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Thanks Chris. I appreciate it. I hate buying tools I didn’t really need.

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Thanks Mitch for all the info and insight. And I agree. In the long run, cheap bits are a waste.
You have me pretty well lined out.

Thank you

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You were reading my mind. Scots think Alike .That’s the bit I have had on my mind.
Thank you Poppy

I have found there is no such thing as a bit I don’t use. and limiting the number of bits you have is also limiting the number of choices you can have as well. one size never fits all. “I could have done this better, quicker, easier, if I only had @##$%” this hobby is not cheap. but is a lot more fun if you have the right tools.

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