Brass Vertical Hanging Sundial

This project was a departure for me: from wood to brass. I’ve always fancied making a sundial, especially a vertical sundial.


In the I end used this wonderful piece of software: ShadowsPro - sundial and astrolabes

Machining: I did everything with an Amana 90 Deg V Bit (45 IPM, 18k), except the slot for the Style and cutting out the Style where I used 1/16 flat bit (5 IPM, 18k)

Material: 3mm Brass for Dial, and 1.5mm Brass for the Style (Gnomon)

Dimensions: 250mm x 250mm

Lessons Learned (Even Better If…):

  • Experiment more with Brass carving Feeds/Speed and get a sharper bit (I have punished this bit since July 2021 when I first got my 1F and I doubt it was meant for brass)
  • Whilst I enjoyed programming F360 and understanding the math behind sundials, Shadows is a great bit of software, so just use that.
  • photographing shiny things is awkward - the finished dial looks nicer than the picture (and I always look fatter in a picture)


Nice job. But, this post should come with a warning - deep rabbit hole ahead :grin:

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Well done, Andy! I hope you’ll keep us updated re: machining brass. I still have the Kratzer’s polyhedral on my bucket list. I’d love to do it in brass, I’d have to figure out how to neatly join the panels. As I recall, the original is in a museum near you. I wonder if you ever got to see it?
Rabbit hole, indeed!

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No, yet seen it. But it is still on my places to visit.

Googling the sundial brought up our original exchange on the forum: Lots of Wonderful Signs...has anyone used their CNC for something other than signs? - #49 by SailorMike?

Its taken me over 18 mths to get on with it. I’d say my concept to product output duration is a bit long.

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I came across this sundial on a trip to Mallorca earlier this year