Bumper Case for Onefinity Touchscreen

I’m pretty good at breaking phone screens and whatnot. And the shop is a dangerous place for a screen. So I designed a protective bumper case to fit the touchscreen. It’s printed in flexible TPU and stretches around the screen. It should be enough to protect against a fall to the floor if I happen to knock the screen off its mount. Hasn’t happened yet, but now is the time to protect against it.
The only flexible filament I had on hand was bright blue. TPU prints slow, so I used a .8mm nozzle and .5mm layer height to make a functional, if not slightly ugly case. Even my fat fingers still have good access to the buttons and all corners of the screen itself.
Files are posted here on thingiverse if you want to make one.


@muddyfeet this is great, thanks for sharing! I’ve only had my machine for a couple of days but already had a few close calls with dropping the display while getting everything all set up. I just recently got a 3D printer, haven’t tried TPU yet but this seems like a good reason to buy some!

Excellent. Beware that flexible filaments can be some of the most difficult things to print. My best trick is to drop speeds by a lot.

If I were to make this again, I’d probably scale it 2% bigger in all directions: it was a real tight fit over the screen.

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I do not have a printer nor have an interest. And I can drop/break things with abandon. Eventually, I will have my machine with the 10 inch screen. Do you sell these protectors?