Cadence Manufacturing - Carbide Create & Fusion 360

Does anyone have libraries setup for Cadence Manufacturings bit selection in Carbide Create and Fusion 360? New user that is just getting started with 1F and don’t want to reinvent the wheel if I can avoid it. I know there are Vetric and Carvco libraries floating around for a lot of stuff, but I’m a Mac user, so these are the only real options to support my needs…

Thanks in advance!

Did you email Cadence manufacturing?

I did drop an email to them, but thought I’d post it here as well to crowdsource a solution if possible.

I think Cody provided some details to Ed for our CNC Explorer application. Perhaps @EdwoodCrafting can weigh in?

I will look in the app and see what’s there.


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I just saw your app and love the concept! Is there an output that would allow import of details of libraries into Fusion or Carbide Create? That would be a killer feature! I will probably go ahead and purchase to help smooth my learning curve a bit. I look forward to @EdwoodCrafting feedback.

I imported the Whiteside tool catalog into Fusion. Carbide tools are generally close enough to the same thing to just do minor tweaks and get a good cut.

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