Can anyone help me with a Carveco CAD Question?

Hi. I would can someone please help, i got a file made. But everytime i load it into carvco it shows it goes to deep. Can i send it to someone and get some help… iv spent hours and hours and hours trying to figure it out and i just cant get it…


Send screenshot of tool path and settings and we’ll get ya straightened out.


Hey Krisk,

“Someone please help me” is not a meaningful subject for your new thread. Imagine visitors that come later with a problem and by coincidence have the same problem than you have. How could they be able to find it using the search function if you called it “Someone please help me”? Please always choose meaningful topic titles by using keywords that show what the thread is about. Thank you.

If you want to master Carveco, first go the Carveco website and read the all the documentation and follow all the tutorials and study all the FAQ there first.

We all had to do this. Mastering a CAD/CAM software takes about one year. You can’t substitute that by answering newbie questions in a forum.


Hey bill, so i got this stl file made from someone on fiverr. Told them i wanted a 19" diameter and the deepest valley to be 3/8" on an inch from the top side.

Iv retrofitted by onefinity to work with marble stone. I install tile and stone for a living so iv always wanted to expand to using a cnc for it. I had a old employee help me and we successfully did a first roughing pass. About a 14 hour cut, but my water feed failed and i completely reset up my table to try again. Now hes gone and im slowly learning!

Iv taken several photos with descriptions for you.
But i must of been sleep deprived last night because this morning my simulation had no holes in it!! But i still think something is wrong with my material size or my project thickness.

Thank you so much

Forgot to mention… with the 1 1/4 material and removing the 3/8" of material from the top… id like the remaining stone on the bottom side to remain intact so that the project wont crumble apart

Of course i can answer newbie questions in a forum… its what its here for. You may not enjoy helping someone get started with basic questions, but for others it may be why they are on the forum.

I dont have a year to learn. I get maybe an hour everyother day to sit down at my computer to try it out. Buying the onefinity/carveco instead of the competitors was largely because of the online support/forum chats that other like minded people have and want to share.

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We’ve changed the header for this. @Aiph5u , give the newbie some grace :slight_smile:

@Krisk , you may have better luck emailing carveco directly for assitance. They should get back to you very quickly and know best about their software.


OK Kris start a new file with your resolution on high, size and put your zero location in the center. when you load the relief, stl whatever format the carving should be blue. Not sure why your using inches and metric on me here but i use inches so… first go to material set up, thickness at 1.25" top offset. looking at the file and the fact that you want a 19.5" circle I would set the model to something like 22"X22" and .375 " for Z. F9 to center. past merge high. because its marble and given the depth i would not do a roughing path. just do a finishing pass. with the 1/4" bit (guessing here because never carved marble) but I would set step over to .1" stepdown to .05" feedrate at 250ipm and a plunge rate of 20. check multiple z , start should be 0 finish should be -.375. safe z .25" or whatever you need to clear clamps. create toolpath. should do the carve in 8 passes in around 6 hours. NOW when you load this to the machine (assuming masso) home first, zero x and y to center of piece. put a piece of paper between bit and marble to zero z. after zeroing the z, raise the bit to .25" or something doesnt matter just positive number. run the carve. should be good. not sure for rpms but im guessing you want atleast 20-22k. if the 250ipm is too fast you can lower it on the fly under override. good luck

just a note on the 6mm bit and inches, make sure everything is in the same measurement system. dont confuse the machine. if the bit is actually 6mm just set it to a 1/4" endmill and change the feed settings. it might make the simulation look different but the machine will run the same.

Thankyou!!! I’ll mock it up today and let you know!!!

Blue is 2d and yellow is 3d I thought…??? I seen that in a video somewhere.

Should I be loading it as a 2d carving?

no blue is when you can manipulate it still, once its gold its permanent and will register to be carved. check out Roger Webb on youtube, he’s got some good carve videos, little lenghly but you can learn a lot. timberfalls on youtube is good with vectors and carves; the dudes got an etsy shop where he can design you files and offers one on one video support calls. also the carveco website literally has 100 5-15 minute videos designed to teach you the software from the ground up. ive got 4 year old twins, build commercial concrete buildings with 70 guys under me, had zero cnc experience until basically august of this year and picked up enough knowledge and experience in my spare time to be comfortable with the machine so don’t get discouraged. once the program clicks youll make files like that in minutes. dialing in bits and materials and feeds and speeds is another story lol. i keep a paper log while im carving and once you get the bit and material nailed down just use those settings anytime. im curious how you modified the machine to work with marble, you could make some real cool pieces for sure.

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I’ll send some photos over once I get it back up and running. Disabled some old tile saws. Water pumps. Water proofing. First attempt worked ok, second attempt will be better!!.

Thank you for all your help. And yea your right… it’s discouraging at first… but totally gonna be worth it

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it was not only this post, but a series of post of @Krisk that suggested they want to circumvent studying the documentation (which I cannot recommend).

Hey Krisk,

[OT] sorry, I was a bit rude to you. That can happen when I read topics like “Please help me” because I get that into relation with obvious stupidity, but I may be wrong. I have seen this phenomenon since the times it was suddenly no longer possible to pick up a magazine in a waiting room somewhere without an AOL and T-Online Access CDROM in it, and the Usenet and the mailing lists were flooded with stupid newbie people who posted without ever having bothered to learn and observe the netiquette that had been laboriously developed over the years, and who posted a lot on the subject of “Please Help”, because they thought that writing had not yet been invented and that the accumulated knowledge could not be found and read using a search function, and that the people in the forums who are experienced are only there to explain the same thing over and over again to every newbie 24/7 free of charge, as part of a personal support service. This was a constant source of annoyance even back then.

But it in no way justifies any prejudice against anyone, so please forgive me. I did not know that you already had studied Carveco so much and searched the forum archives already to find the answer to your question.

I can only agree to this.

Then I was in error by judging on you, sorry. I just wanted to avoid that someone (which is the case from time to time) thinks that the overall time that it takes to master a CAD/CAM software, which takes about one year, could be replaced by behaving like if writing and the written knowledge had not been invented and that it would be useful to replace reading it by asking questions. Before writing was invented, this was the case, but I am glad that this stone age is over, because the only way to aquire knowledge back then was to go to the marketplace (lat.: forum) and ask the elder who had the knowledge. Today, the knowledge is there without the elder, and even if they die, the knowledge remains accessible to everyone, thanks to the invention of writing.


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I have looked but, between my kids, business, working on my house, family time etc, I only get very minimal time to learn. I basically want to knock a couple quick ones off so I can sit and sand it (personal therapy for me lol)

Iv since found someone I can pay for a few 1 on 1 classes to help boost me over the learning curve onnn carveco because yes your right I do have to learn it… I just want to learn it faster lol


I Just saw the finished piece on Instagram, looks awesome!
Can you share a picture of your “retrofitted onefinity to work with marble stone” ?