Carveco Support Rocks: They Made A Catch-All Tray Tutorial Video For Me

This is my first post on the forum! I’ve already learned so much from watching all of the posts. I’m 100% new to the CNC world and am excited about the Onefinity showing up in a few months. Honestly the time its taking to get here has been a blessing as learning a new program has been difficult for me.

I reached out to Carveco asking them to make this tutorial video and they got right on it! I’m happy that I went with Carveco Maker+ as my aim is the batch out these personalized trays on my Journeyman CNC to sell in local boutique shops. Carveco Support has been incredible and very responsive- I still am in shock that they put so much effort into helping me on such a simple project that others would laugh at me not knowing how to do. Gotta learn somehow!

Anyways- I hope that this post helps anyone out there thats in the same boat as me!