Another happy customer

Just a quick shoutout to the Onefinity team for all their hard work on the design, QC and unparalleled customer service.
I am new to CNC but I did my research for few weeks before deciding on the Onefinity and I am not disappointed.

Below is my first cut, aside from going a little deep on the Z which I need to figure out I am very happy with the results. Happy new year to everyone.



Looks awesome! Happy New Year!

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That’s awesome! How did you manage the little pieces that came loose inside the pattern? Did you pull them out as the carve went on?

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Yes, removed them as the job was running. The double sided tape secured the overall piece but it was useless on the cutouts

I agree and I had tabs for the overall piece but considering the number of small pieces it was going to take a lot longer than I am willing to spend on it :grin:
Short of a vacuum table I can’t think of anything else to hold them without a lot of prep tape/glue or post cleanup tabs.

Similar piece today with good results


If everything is dialed on really well you can leave a super thin layer and sand through it after


What bits are you using to cut does?

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