Just wanted to say hi

Hi I am just starting my Onefinity journey as a side gig as I flow into retirement, I am a reasonable woodworker, currently in the process of reorganizing my small shop and building the 76” by 48” bench for it. Just finished installing central dust collection, and finally adding compressed air to the shop.

I got asked confirmation of shipping address on Wednesday so now tossing and turning every night in kid like excitement waiting for it to ship.

I am using carveco software even though I am a 20 year veteran of Solidworks designing from consumer electronics to oil and gas packer assemblies, no way can I afford Solidworks when I retire having lived a life and not saved well for retirement!

Great forum and a great community love the content and this old dog is really excited to learn new tricks so a big East Coast “hello and how you doing”


Hey Chris,

welcome to the forum!

There is a thread called Forum’s Introduction but there is no obligation to use it :slight_smile:

Welcome! I am fairly new here myself! I think you’ll find the forums to be a friendly, helpful place!

I don’t know if you know this, but Solidworks has a free CAD for Entrepreneurs & Startups program you can apply for. It appears to be only for 12 months though (no idea if you can renew). Just a thought–it’s a shame to have 20 years of experience not be reusable!

They also have (what I assume is a limited edition) for $10/month for hobbyist use, so you may have options!

Welcome aboard!