Cannot completer connection Masso Link in any way. just "connecting...."

So I’ve been able to connect my laptop (Macbook Pro) to the masso controller network in all three manners. Ive been able to connect with my through wifi network with both the fixed and non fixed IP option, and I’ve been able to connect through Masso’s own internal network. The problem is, when I hit the “connect” prompt on the Masso Link app interface, it just endlessly says connecting and I have opportunity to load files Help!!?

create a ticket with masso directly

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I just today am experiencing the same issue, I have been using Masso Link 2.12 since it came out and it has worked flawlessly, today it is as you describe above, did Masso help in any way?

I havent tested it yet but I discovered my Masso was version 5.06 and needs to be v5.07 to connect with Masso Link v2.12. Will try tomorrow.

Thanks for the reply, I am on 5.07 and have been since it came out so that is not my issue, interested to see how you fare.
Thanks, Pat