CARBIDE CREATE crashing when trying to save

We designed our spoil board and tried to save file of design before doing tool paths and it locked up. then tried doing tool path and it locked up again so of course we lost the hole file. Any help would be appreciated. Very first design in program just learning used Autocad many years ago but have forgot alot

Creative Cabinetry

I can do fusion 360 and vcarve but for the life of my can’t stand carbide create. I would encourage you to try f360 if you have a decent Autocad background.

(yes I realize this doesn’t help you and am sorry for that)

Hey John,

maybe you should ask the Carbide Create community:

PS: “Crash” seems to be a frequent issue:

Search results for 'crash' - Carbide 3D Community Site #software:carbide-create

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