Carbide Create design question

While waiting on my machine, I’ve been playing around with carbide create, inkscape & mach 3 (to run simulations of my projects).
I’ve ran into an odd issue with carbide create g-code, after I’ve designed the item say a rectangle with a few angles & rounded corners, I generate the g-code & open it in mach 3 to run the simulation.
When it starts, the milling starts at the first line I created, then goes back to the start, drops down to the 2nd step depth & cuts again until it’s cut to the full depth, then it goes on to the next part of the design like a curve & does the same thing.
I know the cutout should drop down to the 1st depth & cut all around the project, then start at the beginning, drop down & so on.
Not sure what’s making the milling operation do this.
Could my design be bad?
All the vectors are connected & grouped together before creating the tool paths.
Is there a better way to design objects other than making each individual line, curve, etc?
Does the post processor have any affect? I think I’ve tried basic g-code & grbl.
Still figuring my way around the software, so don’t dump on me too bad lol

You might want to use the camotics simulator ( as it is closer to what the OF controller will use and Mach 3 is not usable by OF without replacing the controller.

I’m just learning too, but I seem to recall that some CAM software have an option to go depth first vs what you are expecting. Maybe there is a checkbox somewhere to simple deselect. Better yet, maybe someone on here will know vs guess :slight_smile:

From what I’ve seen here, you won’t need to worry about folks being harsh with you.


Thanks, I’ll check out camotics.
I’m just using mach 3 to run simulations to check my progress on my cad skills lol.
After a couple hours of tinkering around, I was able to design the part by making a larger rectangle & editing nodes to get to the shape I wanted, but I know there’s a better & faster way to get where I want to go.