Someone PLEASE help!

I just got my OF and set it up. I’m brand spanking new to this stuff. I do have a background of setting up and running the industrial HAAS CNC machines in the factories. So, I’m know about setup, finding the x,y, and z coordinantes and so forth. I have used MasterCam for programming projects, but having never run a CNC router it is similar but very different too. So, my problem is that I have watched various videos on Youtube on Carbide Create, Easel, and Inkscape. However, no matter what I do I cannot seem to get this Carbide Create to work for me, or even Inkscape. I am now very frustrated and do not have anyone to help me or show me what to do. PLEASE, if you can help me then maybe we can either video chat or exchange phone numbers and you can talk me through this. I would be GREATLY appreciate to help get me up and running. I also have plans right now to approach a cabinet shop to help with some designs. If you are willing to help me then you are my hero, lol. Thank you, Rex

We have several on our Youtube:

Hello Rex - what specific issues are you having? The design, CAM, or getting the gcode to the OF?

Maybe one of my videos has some hints?

I have watched the videos above several times and I have done everything in the video. But it STILL does not show the simulation. The simulation shows nothing but a blank board. I even placed all the relevant bits I have for to the CNC, and have reference them in my first drawing in Carbide Create. All it is, is two circles in inside the other making a shallow bowel with some writing in the bottom of it. It is to be carved out with a 1/2 in. ball nose, lettering with 1/4 in. single flute and cut the outside dimension out. That is it, and NOTHING happens! I have been at this for days, and growing more and more frustrated by the day. If you can help me, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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Which software product are you using?

Top of the Morning to you! Thank you for wanting to help me. I truly appreciate you for doing that! What I did was go on Youtube with your link and watched a video of yours. It seemed like it helped on my understanding when I get to the point to put my software to the CNC. I have subscribed and rang the bell so I can watch all your videos. So, I am going to watch your videos that apply to me. Another good man responded to my plea for help, and we contacted via phone and Google meet and his help helped me immensely. Thank you and Frank the other guy for helping me get up to speed. I just wish the world had more good people in it like you two men. If I have questions about any of your videos I wonder if I can email you. My email is Thank you again! Rex

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Hello Rex - feel free to contact me anytime. There are plenty of folks here willing to help too.

Hello, thanks for wanting to help me. The software that I am currently using is Carbide Create. It seems to the the simplest software out there for green beginners like me. One other guy helped get me going with design and toolpaths. I was told to make my spoil board an MDF one so I went to Lowes and bought some and installed it on my CNC machine. I then learned that I have to make the cutting area level and it is done by a surfacing bit. I went online to Carbide Create (CC) and made a pocket to go down about .005 of an inch. I will probably scribble on the surface with pencil or Sharpie to see how well it did and go from there. I thought while I was at it that I would make some 1" in. grid lines and maybe some holes on it. However, I had no idea how to make grid lines on the MDF. I went online and found someone who uses V Carve and showed how to make a 2x2 gridlines on his spoil board. I went to CC and used the polyline just like he did and it WILL NOT snap to the lines like his did. I try everything before screaming for help, but small things ALWAYS pop up on me. Why are my gridline NOT snapping to the size I have designated (16.25"x 16.25"). Please help if you can. My email address is Thanks again! Rex