Ceiling Mount for my Forman

This is my setup that i used to save space in my garage. it is the elite forman mounted to the ceiling with ropes and pulleys, and an electric winch. If you want to see a bit more check out the youtube link and it shows it going up and down with a bit more info on the pulley system and safety chains.
First time post and first youtube video so go easy on me :grimacing:



Does it move around much when carving? Nice setup.

No, not at all. when it is fully down none of the weight is on the ropes, just sitting on the bench. Thanks!

How much cutting have you done? Wondering how long those bulbs will last (unless they’re LEDs and then it’s just clever :grinning:).

That’s fantastic! !!!

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Great space saver!!!

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the lights were an after thought, but im so glad i did it, lights up my work bench really well when the cnc is stored. i haven’t had any issues with them and they are LEDs. A cheap 6 pack from amazon, so i have 2 extras. Thanks!

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Hasn’t you noticed any twist in your table with going up and down? Not likely an issue if you’re are not doing super thin work or going up and down mid project. I just know that I spent some time ensuring everything was complainant my permanent setup

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its constructed like a tortion box and 99percent of the time its either sitting on the bench or resting on the safety chains that are about a foot in from each side. but that being said over time there might be a bit of sag, i haven’t noticed anything yet but i will be able to tell the next time i do a flattening pass on the spoil board.

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