Celtic Cross VCarve File

Hi there. I know that I am biting off more than I can chew as I am a brand new Onefinity CNC user but I really want to tackle this project. My dad is Irish born and he is having his 93rd birthday in September and I would love to make him a Celtic Cross. The problem is that I know it is a complex carve and I am not quite there from a skill perspective yet.

I just completed my setup, spoilboard surfacing and grid. Did one simple text sign carve and that is it.

I have a Journeyman X50 and am using VCarve Pro v11. I think I found the right file that I want to use as my image file and have attached it here.

Looking for help creating theVCarve files to actually make a Celtic Cross that is 12 inches tall.

Thanks in advance for helping me. Let me know if I can provide any additional information.


I’ve downloaded STL files from this site for free. I use Fusion 360 but there should be an easy way to import it and scale it to the size you want in Vcarve. The problem with 2d files is you need to make them 3d. OBJ and STL files are already 3d. That link is to a 3d image of the cross you want to make.

In Fusion 360 it would be easy but would take about 6 hours (more if you don’t want to do much sanding). I would use a 1/4" endmill to rough cut it and then a 5.4 degree ball nose tapered bit for the finish pass.

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Thanks for the info, Al! Really appreciate it. I will go take a look at that site and see what is available. Appreciate the guidance.

Only if the requirement is a 3D carve. People V-Carve 2D vectors all the time with nice results.

Not the exact same cross, but close:

celtic-cross.crv (3.1 MB)


Am I going to have to learn blender to make this 3D?

That depends on your definition of 3D. If you mean something like below, then yes, it will need to be modeled. I’m not aware of anything to do that for you automatically, as the information simply isn’t there in the 2D image to make those decisions.


Hey Preston,
I found these image to vector sites worth a look. 6 Free Tools to Convert Image to Vector - Snip to It!
I use photoshop, but these are free.

Good Luck,

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Dave, I’m a little over a year into this…and have V carve pro.
I’ve purchased 3D STL models on ebay.
Do a search on ebay “Celtic Cross STL”

I’m getting better at importing 3D and learning to scale them. Good Luck Bill

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Thank you so much! I really appreciate everyone’s help. I promise to upload a picture when I get it done. Traveling for the rest of the week but I know for sure what I am doing over the weekend!

Stay tuned.

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Thanks, Bill. I will let you know how I do!

If you choose to use the file I uploaded, just take care to note the job setup. I probably have it zeroed from the machine bed as opposed to the material surface. And tool paths will need to be recalculated if you want a different thickness.

Will do. Thanks again!

Just wanted to thank you again and let you know I got it finished and am sending it to my dad today for his birthday! Many thanks!


well done, it looks amazing.