Cleveland,OH NEW! X50 journeyman 48"x32" (SOLD)

Bought this machine and have never assembled or used! still in the factory boxes!
sale includes machine and extras! as follows…

X-50 Journeyman w/controller
10.8" touchscreen
touch probe
wireless joypad controller
suckit pro dust boot
new spe tool 4 sided surfacing bit
new spe tool 5 piece compression bits set
new spe tool 8 piece starter bit set multiple types
new makita compact router
carveco software not yet registered. will try to figure out how to do that for you.

I have about $3.800 invested asking $3,000 for everything! cash only! can deliver within a reasonable distance from Cleveland,OH completely turn key!
moving soon! must sell! can’t take with me.
thanks! save yourself $800.00 and the 3 or 4 week wait! bought in April 23’ so still has warranty!

Hi there, I’m in Indiana and interested. How can I get ahold of you? I’m new to the forum and didn’t see a way to send a direct message. Thanks

@Blackmirror ,

You’ll have to read for about 10 minutes before you can send a personal message.

Discourse is the software engine, so-to-speak, that hosts the forum. New accounts are started at trust level 0. Click the link and you can see the restrictions. With about 10 minutes of reading time, you can get to trust level 1 and send that message.

Here’s how to send a PM:

  • Achieve trust level 1
  • Click on the forum member’s name (#1 in the photo).
  • A dialog window pane opens up (#2) that contains the message button (#3)
  • Click that message button and you’re set.

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Hello, is it still available? I’m in Columbus Ohio and I’m very interested.

He messaged and said he sold it last week.

If only there was a way to edit the post to indicate “sold” in the title….

Hey Ryan,

welcome to the forum!