CNC platform / table / enclosure

Roughly based off of some other people’s plans I’ve seen online. I redesigned it on sketchup to match my needs and just went for it.

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I mounted the screen off to the side because of the table flipping down and I mounted my Y rails backwards (motor forwards). The arm is at a set angle so not a ton of options for mounting. I will probably find a better placement for it in the future.

How is it folded up? Is the OF easily rotated up and down? Curious about possible wear on the pivots. Wonderful build. Is something I was looking to do for space saving.

My weekend project! I am just about ready for my onefinity… hoping it will show up sometime in November. For those of you who have done this build how did you do the legs on the front?


They flip under the table


Ok, did you use anything to lock them at 90 degrees?

No there are tight fit they are very hard to pivot and with the brake on the casters nothing is moving, but time will tell when I received my OF.

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My work space is extremely limited. Borrowing an idea from my Kreg ACS system, I ordered a leg set. It is rated at 350 lbs, so it should be capable of doing the job.


Love it. Let us know how it works out.


Well well well… After opening this thread in late June, I’ve had the immense pleasure to read many of your ideas for making a solid base. That, and many many many other topics. Thank you all so much for sharing your thoughts, experience and advice!

Focus points
I focused my design on:

  • Safety
  • Noise-reduction
  • Stability / durability
  • Space efficiency

Given that I have my tiny workshop in the basement of an apartment block, I really have to focus on keeping things quiet. I don’t want to annoy my neighbors with more noises that they already have to endure from ‘that woodwork guy’. :wink: Also, I want to be able to use the table as a workbench for simple operations of e.g. my drill press, miter saw, glue-ups, assembly, sketching… The side-panels can hold tools like screwdrivers etc.

So, here it is!

Let me break it down…

I started with a frame of 40x40mm aluminum profiles. I picked this material because its price doesn’t differ too much from the hardwood I’d otherwise use, and I believe that it can better handle the harsh environment of my crappy basement. Also, I hope to move to my own house in the upcoming year(s), so this frame is super easy to dissemble and reassemble.

“Dennis, couldn’t you have put a bit more effort into drawing a proper Woodworker…?” Yeees… I know…

The Onefinity will be fixed upon one big plate of phenolic plywood. You know, this plywood with brown plastic layer… I think it’s called phenolic plywood.
So that plate is 24mm thick and measures 1500x1500 mm, which is also the footprint of the entire frame (excluding the feet).

All sides are insulated with a layer of 9.5mm drywall (white) and 45mm acoustic Stonewool (beige). Only the bottom will not be covered with drywall - only stonewool there. I picked these materials for 1) they don’t burn and 2) they dampen sound.

So that’s with the MDF waste board, T tracks, wooden side panels, phenolic plywood tabletop, and anti-vibration pads underneath the feet. And in the very top image you can see the front doors with 15mm thick acrylic glass windows. The insides of the doors are also insulated with drywall and Stonewool.

Oh, and as a cool gimmick, I was thinking about making a Plexiglass tube reservoir for the coolant of the water-cooled spindle…

All in all, I will spend just below EUR 800 on the entire setup (Onefinity not included). An incredible EUR 350 of that budget is swallowed by the two 1500x1500x24mm phenolic plywood plates… Suggestions for good alternatives are most welcome.
It is quite the price for a CNC table, but I accept it as it doubles as a large workbench and tool rack.

So… What do you think? :point_right: :point_left:


Hi Dennis very nice job! If you have access to it, MDF would be much less expensive than phenolic, though only 18mm or so. I’ve seen some really nice colored MDF called Valchromat that seems to be mostly available in Europe - Get Hands Dirty uses it a lot in her videos.

One thing I’d mention, the machine is very low to the ground. That’s really hard on your back when your moving materials in and out, and setting the bit location. Just something to consider.


For those of you who has a full enclosure, how far out does the dust boot brackets stick out towards the front when the x axis is all the way forwards? Thanks

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On my list right after my table build. Looking forward to the answer, thanks for asking.

Hey Dennis. I too want to minimize noise. I really like your plans.

Please tell me more about the frame. Did you design it? It’s conceivable to me that you might be able to order that pre-cut, parts and all.

Ordered my 1f yesterday…so it looks like I have almost 3 months to get my cramped workshop ready.

Again, looks awesome. Please continue to share your progress.


Hi Kelly,

Thank you for your message, and congrats on ordering a 1F! :smiley:

Indeed, this is a design I made by and for myself. I’ve based it on standardized parts that can be shipped by their respective distributors within 1-5 business days. The key element is of course the aluminum extrusion frame.

For a table that’s ± 1000 mm high and 1500x1500 mm wide and long, the 40x40 mm extrusions are:

4x 950mm extrusion 40x40, M8 threaded on one side
10x 1420 mm extrusion 40x40
8x small corner connectors
16x large corner connectors
4x M8 round rubberized feet
4x plastic cover

The rest can be sourced from your local hardware store (drywall, insulation wool, wooden panels, wiring, lighting, windows, t-track, door hinges, etc).

Let me know if you have any further questions. :slight_smile:

Oh thanks for the picture very nice.

how did it work out? do you have more pictures of it in the folded position. I ordered my machine but need to rearrange the shop now.

My machine is not delivered yet it is du the first week of February.

Finished making the torsion top tonight. Sides, bottom and wheels hopefully complete before my machine arrives on the 30th.

Hi Dennis,

It looks like you designed your enclosure with Fusion 360. Any chance you could share the model of the OF Woodworker? I don’t mind the limited details of the model. I was just about to start mocking up a model of the machine, but it is a little difficult without the machine in hand.