Control box installation

Is it ok to install the control box and monitor on the right side?

Yes the box is not orientation sensitive. The only thing to be cautious of is chip entering the fan, so just be careful not to place it fan up in a high shaving area… especially if you are cutting aluminum.


I think Onefinity should come up with a filter so chips can’t get into it. I put a piece of tissue on it and the suction keeps it in place. Works well.

I believe the air flow is important to help cool the electronic components inside the box and keep them from overheating, and it’s possible the tissue may block too much air flow. I have seen people use a plastic scouring pad - used to clean dishes - on the fan intake to block larger debris like aluminum chips but still allow ample air flow.

I think I am getting enough air flow since I am using just one very thin ply. Willing to try other methods if I come across them.