Dust concerns or not

I received my onefinity yesterday, and got it set up. I also have a jtech laser coming. I noticed that the control box has a cooling fan, and so does the laser add on. My initial plan was to have the control box set on the top of the tool box next to the work bench. I was wondering if I need to be concerned about the dust in the air getting sucked through the control box?

My opinion and experience…I’ve had my 1F for a couple of weeks and with the dust boot I do not have any challenge with dust. There is a small amount of waste to clean up but all the fine dust is pulled away into the vacuum.

These machines were created to run the controller box alongside the machine running. There should be no issue at all with dust when running a normal process. If you are cutting aluminum you want to be careful the chips do not fall in the machine but again that should not be an issue if you are using dust collection.


I agree that it’s likely not an issue if using the dust boot. I have my controller mounted on the underside of my table top to gain more space for my enclosure. Side benefit to doing this however is that it will be even less likely to suck in dust through the fan.

Wood dust shouldn’t be much of an issue, but if you have metal chips, you want the control box as far away as possible. Metal chips inside the control box can lead to bad things (ask us how we know :stuck_out_tongue: )


@OnefinityCNC How do you know? :yum:

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Hey Nate… Lots and lots and lots of testing! Talk soon…


I’d be more concerned with how you plan on getting beer out of the fridge! :laughing: