Keep Clean AND Cool

For those that have placed the controller within a separate enclosure, are you providing additional filtration and/or supplemental fan for increased air flow to address the mutually antagonistic needs for clean air and heat dissipation?

Hmmm, no responses. My thought was to add a fines filter in front of the inlet to the controller box, but small enclosure fans are not very powerful so that I might be restricting airflow too much with the filter. That led to thinking perhaps I should get a small supplemental PC-style fan and build a complete enclosure around the controller.

If you fully enclose the controller remember you lose access to the power switch and the physical emergency stop. I would not restrict airflow to the controller so if you do filter it ensure there is ample air space to keep cool or have az separate fan for pulling air though the filter.

I have opened some pcs over the years that were absolutely disgusting inside. I imagine blowing air through the controller regularly will ve adequate if you are not dealing with metal chips. If doing metal I would position the controller where it is safe from ingestion of the chips.

I haven’t built my table as of yet. I plan to mount the controller on the LH side of the table, underneath and put it in an enclosure with a hinged, side door with a plexiglass window in it. On the front of the enclosure (non-fan end of controller) will basically be open with a synthetic mesh to filter out the dust. The back side (fan, wiring end) will be same material as enclosure. I’ll install one big, or two small fans such as a low voltage fan from Amazon, AC Infinity Multifan S3. I’ll mount a remote E-Stop button on top of the table via the Breakout Board. I’m thinking I’ll have to monitor the temperature inside the enclosure until I’m confident the airflow for cooling is sufficient. I like you have concerns about the controller being exposed to the dust and getting in to the internals.Heat kills electronics and dust reeks havoc with switches and such. Hope these design thoughts will be helpful. FYI Use this brand of fan to keep my internet router cool. Been running continuously for 2 years now.

The type of filtration and fan needed depends on various factors, such as the size of the enclosure, the type of controller, and the environmental conditions where it will be located. Generally, filters with a high MERV rating are recommended, as they can trap smaller particles and provide better air quality.

Supplemental fans can be installed to increase the airflow and help dissipate heat. The fans should be placed strategically to ensure that they provide sufficient cooling to the controller without creating unwanted turbulence or noise.