Controller/Software Question

Order #16167 so plenty of time for planning and over thinking things. I currently have a home built machine based on OpenBuilds/Ox. Using OB Blackbox with either Universal GCode Sender or OB Control software. In looking at the BuildBotics controller system (and in particular the software side of things) I’m less than enthused. I know there have been others who have used a separate controller/software system with OF machine and I’m looking at the prospects for doing the same. My specific question right now (which I suspect I know the answer to) is can the Buildbotics controller software be separated from the hardware.

For instance, the OpenBuilds BlackBox provides a USB interface allowing one to use a computer or the OpenBuilds Interface pad to control the hardware. Nearly any GRBL-based G-code sender software can be used to drive the hardware. The advantage of this system is that I have a few different software choices for sending GCode to the machine. While I haven’t used the BuildBotics software, in reviewing its features and reading numerous forum posts, I feel that there are capabilities and UI features of Universal GCode Sender or OpenBuilds Control that are more attractive than the BB software. I’m wondering if one could ‘drive’ the BuildBotics hardware with external software such as OpenBuild Control. I suspect that is not an option.

What hardware are you hoping to reuse? There’s a power supply, probably some motor controllers, a computer of sorts. You can probably cut it up and reuse different pieces.

Is it worth $440 in parts would be the question.

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I’m actually wondering if I could use the BuildBotics control hardware with an external GRBL-based software package such as OpenBuilds Control or Universal G-Code Sender. Not necessarily planning on or wanting to do this just curious if it is an option.

Separate hardware (running say GRBL) interacting with the BuildBotics hardware? Or new software running on the BuildBotics hardware?

Essentially different software (e.g. OpenBuilds Control or Univ GCode Sender) controlling the BuildBotics hardware via USB interface (for instance).

I would guess your initial suspicions are correct and this is not feasible. At the very least, I don’t think it’s feasible without a lot of work.

Figured. Kind of unfortunate. With all I’m reading about shortcomings of the Buildbotics software it would kind of nice to have more options.

Doug - you can use any control HW and SW you want (assuming it can drive the steppers). However, you can not mix and match control HW/SW with the buildbotics solutions - it is integrated.


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