Custom Touch Probe?

Hello Everybody,

I was wondering if it is possible to build a custom touch probe, solely for the Z-axis. Is it as “simple” as getting a piece of metal stock, connecting it to the controller/spindle to create a closed circuit and changing the probing offset in the controller?

I am more than comfortable with making the actual probe, just not too sure how it interfaces with the controller/software.

Thanks in advance!

Yes. I made xyz probe out of mdf and covered the appropriate surfaces with copper tape. Works like a champ. I will eventually make one out of aluminum. The key is the connector. I used
[molex connector](Molex Micro-Fit 3.0 dual row (2… from Amazon; also available from your other fine electronics shops like mouser, digikey

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Awesome. Thanks for the link and the advice!

Yeah, you absolutely can! In fact, Z axis is all I ever probe. I’m not sure how the Onefinity controller works, but you have to be in a probing mode that only probes the Z axis. The profile shape of the probe plate is not important, just that it’s flat & parallel stock.

Yes it is possible I did it myself,I used the same thikness from the original block, and I used it with Z so I don’t need to remouve the dust boot


Your probe is exactly what I had in mind! I recall seeing a “Probe Z” button or similar on the controller interface.

Did you use the cable from the original probe?

Yes I just need to transfer it

Ok, I never bought the probe so I will have to buy the connectors that Mitch mentioned and make the cable myslef.

You can order fro triquetra

Charlie is very helpful super support


Thanks, that will probably be cheaper and easier.

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