Elite Touch Probe

I am trying to get going on the machine here but running into some issues. I read the documentation on the probing and watched a masso video about it but something is not clicking with me. I guess I assumed that I could use the probe like what I watched others do on the buildbotics machines and maybe I can but it isn’t working quite right for me.

When I go to the probe menu I am shown exactly what is shown in the manual. Probing z is no issue as it just goes straight down and back up. However xy is not behaving quite like I expect. All settings are default. When I touch bottom left corner probe button the machine starts heading to the rear and I end up stopping the probe because it is way past the work area.

All offsets are default and are 2.1## inches. I’m not sure what is happening. Any suggestions?

Hey James,

if you are used to the Onefinity Controller, which probes on the outside top front left corner of the workpiece, I assume you want to probe for the outside corner. Be sure not to have inside corner selected.

Thanks for the reply. It turns out I am actually an idiot. I should have paid better attention to the first cut video they put out. I was interpreting the language of the probing as the workpiece, not the probe. So when I was hitting bottom left in my mind I was probing for the bottom left corner but in reality, it is simply what corner you are using on the probe itself. That’s why it took off and never stopped. Looking for a touch probe that wasn’t in that direction.

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James, Thank you for clarifying I was thinking the same thing. Still awaiting my Foreman.