Cut a Curve from a series of points

I have a curve that I would like to be able to cut where I have the X and Y values. How can I setup my Onefinity to cut this curve? Would I have to manually create G-Code?



Are these points all coincident on an arc with one radius or are you looking to draw an approximated arc through them or more of a Bezier spline?

Hey Derek,

a parabola. @rich.ingle’s data look this way:

sed 's/|/ /g' rich.ingle_data_raw.txt >rich.ingle_data.txt
graph -T PNG <rich.ingle_data.txt >rich.ingle_data.png

graph -T PNG -g 0 -C -m -3 -S 4 <rich.ingle_data.txt >rich.ingle_data_pure.png
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Hey rich.ingle,

of course you could make a G-code script directly with these data, but it is far more easier, especially for sizing and accomodating to your workpiece, to use a CAD/CAM software for this. First you transform your data into a graphic (like shown above), then you import it into a CAD/CAM program, then you edit the size and whatever you want it to have as properties, and then you export the toolpath with a postprocessor for Onefinity (or a generic grbl). Et voilà!

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Thanks for the advice. I am new to the CNC game so am trying to do what you suggested. I created the graph in excel. I am only trying to create the curve for the 2nd half of the arch so from x=0 to x=30.

I took a pic of the graph in excel. I then created a jpeg in preview. I imported that into Carbide create. As you can see it ends up tracing around the curve so I have really two paths. I also tried creating an SVG file with the same result.

Here is a pic.


Any thoughts? I really appreciate the detailed help!!!

In Excel

Hey Rich,

I don’t know what you have done after importing. Do you want to mill a groove with the shape of the curve into your workpiece, I assume? If yes, you will have to create a virtual model of the workpiece and then a pocket with the desired shape in it.

I have never worked with Carbide Create, but I know they have a forum. Perhaps the exact way to create the virtual model can better be answered there.

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What CAD software are you using? I can see this being a use case that I would have frequently, where I want to cut along a curve in order to create a template to cut something else out using other tools.

I want the CNC to run directly along the curve. Right now, using the software I have it would basically cut around it as the software “traces” the curve.

Thanks for the all the help!