Cut Timer on Buildbotics Display

I’m having a curious issue that occasionally occurs when running a cut on my Machinist. In the “Time to Run” box, the timer will occasionally say “Invalid Date”, and the countdown to finish timer is absent. I’m not sure if this issue involves the software (VCarve ver 11.5) or the machine itself. The cut runs without issue, but I’m curious if anyone else has experienced this or has a fix.

@SailorMike What was the state of the machine when this happened?

I can see logic in the view controller related to ‘toolpath.time’ and ‘plan_time’.
The conditions that the view controller is looking for are ‘stopping’, ‘running’, ‘holding’.

There’s different return statements in there, including one that returns an empty string. Can you provide more details about what the machine was actually doing and what the state was when this UI was encountered?

EDIT: (BTW, the last code change that I found related to enhanced time was version 0.4.1, which is much older than the controller firmware version of 1.0.4 from buildbotics on github).

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The machine is idle. I see the “Invalid Date” as soon as I load a G Code file. It only happens with a few files; most work fine.
I’m not sure if the error is file-specific. I just finished a massive cut job, but I hope to experiment with it soon.
I should have mentioned that I am using ver 1.09 in the controller.

It ‘may’ be a non-issue other than weird user experience.

I found:

eta() { if (this.mach_state != 'RUNNING') return '';
(if the machine state is not running, return an emtpy string for an estimated time remaining)


if (!(this.is_stopping || this.is_running || this.is_holding)) return 0;
(return some default exit value when not running, stopping, or holding)

I don’t have the build environment fully set up to see what happens but I’m guessing it’s just a weird UI thing. Initially I wondered what the date command would return on the raspberry pi shell, then I found the view controller.

Post back if it happens elsewhere? Also, I’m just a random forum member.


Thanks, that’s informative. This glitch is, indeed, not a show stopper by any means. By now, I have a pretty good idea of how much time a carve will take. I wonder what state is the machine in after it’s turned on, but not doing anything? I don’t think it was in a different state in cases where the error occurred, and where it didn’t.
I will post back with more info as I get it.

Typically refreshing the page will fix the issue, I never investigated a root cause for why it happens.