Why is it doing this?

Buildbotics V 1.0.9
Why when using gcode files created with Vcarve or Lightburn on my Onefinity cnc with Jtech 7w pro, sometimes it doesn’t stop when the time reaches 0. It starts running again with the time - going up. Same file. Sometimes it does it. Sometimes it doesn’t. Files I’ve created a year ago; and used 100’s of times, sometimes it does it, other times it doesn’t.
Thia is my logo, which I’ve used 100’s of times in the past. Created in Vcarvepro.
Me_Square_1.5_TCWW.crv (866 KB)
1_Perimeter_Laser Cut.gcode (20.8 KB)
2_Text_Laser Cut.gcode (23.3 KB)
3_Me_Laser Cut.gcode (56.6 KB)