Cutting my worktable (not my spoilboard)

I want to cut out a section of my 3/4" worktable to allow for clamping workpieces vertically. Is it possible for the 1F to cut below the surface it is mounted on? I’d like to use the 1F to cut out the section on my worktable.

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With the mount in the lowest position, and perhaps an endmill with an extra long length of cut, it should work.

Hey TM, I was thinking along those lines as well. Wondering about the controller, though. I don’t suppose it matters that I’d actually be cutting below the surface on which the machine sits?

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I am not using the 1F controller, so am not sure about any soft/hard limits that might interfere with this sub waste board cutting. Perhaps it could be done in a slow, careful, and controlled manner using the game pad to execute the cuts?
I found this reference to someone who cut dog holes through the spoil board, and the router mount was in the middle position. So for your question, it seems that lowering the mount to the lowest/bottom position, should get you through the table, especially if you invest in a longer cut length endmill (but maybe you won’t have too - will depend on your table thickness).

No issues. I’ve cut >80mm below 1F feet with an extra long 12mm shank bit. Used it to create a parallel surface for a vertical holding clamp.


Thanks TM, that’s good info.

Thanks Badger, that is exactly what I want to do.

The 1F doesn’t know where the end of the bit is - it is only concerned with how far the stepper motor has turned. It’s restriction is just the physical limitations of the Z ballscrew - it can only move the Z-carriage so far up and down. It really has no idea if you have a 1/2" long bit, or a 12 foot bit attached to the end of your router/spindle. It only knows how far the carriage has moved up/down the Z axis.

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Fun fact. You can’t actually mount your Z Slider in the lowest position on an X35 WW, if you have a Stiffy installed. The Stiffy interferes with the Z motor, in that position.

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This is not true. You can with the stiffy.

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Yes, I figured that out, thanks!