Z Mounting Hole Pro/Con

I’m curious about any pros/cons to the Z Mounting Hole choice. The 1F assembly video recommends the Middle Mounting Hole (see pic). After some thought, I’m considering the bottom holes because of the cutting height limitations. Even in that position, the z-axis plate is only about 5" from the table. Less a spoiler board thickness you end up only having about 4" cutting Height. Also considering the dust boot, this may be even lower. Or am I missing something?

So what other considerations to Z - mounting hole choice have you all run into? Any pros or cons would be appreciated.

If your going to make/flatten your spoilboard, we recommend putting it in the top mounting holes (placing the z slider farthest down). Most users keep it there.

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Hey Bryan,

you took the wrong of my arranged and enriched screenshots from Onefinity User Manual. The one you took has Ball Screw Coupler encircled with an ellipse in the Aiph5u color.

Better you asked that I make this one:

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or what about this one?

Aiph5u - LMAO
I should have given credit before I published this question. But thank you very much for you quick and insightful edits on my behalf. I won’t tell you how long that would have taken me. :slight_smile:

Can you tell me why that is recommended? Also can you confirm that that would only give about 2" of cutting depth?

Hey Bryan,

no problem, it’s just derivative work from the Onefinity Manual. I have fun doing graphics editing.

So what hole is the right one to use? I want to be in the correct one or let me say the one that works the best…

You want to have the most clearance between the z gantry and the spoil board and be able to get to the spoil board surface with your shortest bit. For me, I have a double thick spoil board so the bottom holes are best. If you have a single thickness (3/4") spoil board then the middle holes would be best.

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And if you have the QCW then this all changes again because your
spoilboard surface is now considerably higher than without it.

There is no one ‘best’ height. If there was you’d only have a choice
of one set of holes, so basically no choice.

You choice of dust boot will complicate your decision. Since the dust
boot needs to slide out of the support arms toward the front, the dust
boot hose connection may not clear the underside of the Z-Slider. At
least that’s the case for me with the Suck-It Pro and the PwnCNC v7

However, if the channel in the support arms were open in the back as
shown below, you could slide the dust boot out toward the rear and there
would be no interference with the Z-Slider. At least that’s how it’s working
for me since I modified my arms a couple days ago.

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I’m waiting on the QCW to come off back order in the meantime I have ordered the v3 from Mr Dominant it will be the rear mounted hose 2.5 tube setup to get by a drag chain. So with the QCW frame isn’t that height like it would be sitting on a table/work bench?