Day 1 - UPS showing my 1F Elite Foreman is out for delivery today

So, the wait time has been 8 weeks and 5days which includes the holidays and the shipping time.
Great Job OneFinity Team!! I hope to be “WoodPecking” soon.


I am out 10 weeks and 6 days -still no sign of delivery

OK End of Day 1 and this is my feedback on the Elite Foreman so far:

  1. Packing was AWESOME!!
  2. Watch out for all the clear packing tape on the rails… After I removed all, some small piece left behind and hard to see… I am going to do a complete cleaning of the rails nexts to make sure I get all
    removed. I think this can be a problem with the bearing if you do not clean all… No big deal Just pointing this out.
  3. Plan a good hour to unpack every this…

I got:
Elite Foreman
Z Brake stepper
touch plate

  1. As others have said if you can keep/store the “inner” boxes do it, I have room so I am going to do
  2. I would also say to check very carefully all connections, Make sure all wires look in place and not loose.
  3. So far looks like I got everything But still a lot to do before I can power on.
  4. Just fyi the brake stepper motor was not installed, which I understand but I want to point out for others.

Photo of all the boxes coming into shop on the JD… The UPS guy liked this as I just rolled up to the
back door and put the pallet at the right height

Photo of All the boxes unpacked The four long boxes are packed in a outside boxes that I am not planning on keeping just the inside box with the 1F logo

Photo of all the stuff out for my first inspection.

SO FAR ALL GOOD, I can see why we all love our 1F machine, A lot of thought has gone into this.

GREAT JOB OneFinity… More to come…


Great to hear you got your machine. they must get the parts from someplace different then for the upgrades, i have been waiting 13 weeks and no sign of delivery , they say parts are held up in customs. yeah the check is in the mail. oh yeah they got that 13 weeks ago.LOL

Have fun

Yeah, I am 10 weeks out

It’s wires that’s the hold up currently. On a train, scheduled to arrive late next week.